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What to pay attention to before traveling

If you issue a credit fullzcard just before you travel, it is better to have it in dollars or euros. This will save you from having to pay an extra Commission for converting rubles into a foreign currency

Before traveling, be sure to refresh your memory of the agreement with the Bank, interest rates and daily limits. If necessary, increase the daily limit for card withdrawals or transactions while traveling abroad. You should also warn the Bank about going abroad, because otherwise it may block your card due to unexpected transactions on it from abroad.

Do not rely only on cashless payments, because there is a possibility of losing your card, and you can not restore a credit card of a Russian Bank abroad. However, there is an emergency procedure for issuing money in case of loss of the card (usually up to 2 thousand dollars), which will need to be returned to the Bank later with interest.

If you are going to European countries, it is better to take a MasterCard with the US, it will be more convenient to use a Visa card uniccstore. In countries where the official currency is not euros or dollars, when withdrawing cash from an ATM or paying in a terminal, currency conversion will be performed, for which a Commission is charged